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WaterCitizen is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is dedicated to providing for people passionate about water (see the Water Psychographic) including:

* Water-aware citizens (including "water enthusiasts" and "water-conscious consumes & investors) who just want to know more about water for their own health and recreation, and for their home, their families, and their communities - and have fun at the same time!  

* Active Water Volunteers and Civic Leaders (e.g. Board Members, Volunteer Members of Watershed Groups, Charities and Advocacy Organizations) - not paid to work on water issues and possibly without a lot of academic and professional experience in water, but want to know more and make a difference!  

* Water Professionals, working in the Water Sector or in other industries, regardless of academic discipline or profession or trade. While there are many technical and academic publications for water professionals, we focus on personal & leadership development, serving the "Whole Human."

Our Mission

The WaterCitizen Foundation is committed to supporting People Passionate About Water (the Water Psychographic) with Water News, Education & WaterTainment(TM) through online experiential programs & products designed to:  

  • Elevate the Water Dialogue
  • Improve the Water Information Infrastructure 
  • Make Water Sexy
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Our Products and Programs

Online Water Media (News & "WaterTainment")

We cover the latest news and newsmakers for multimedia stories and interview programs that are created to be easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-consume online, presented in a high-energy, positive tone about the latest water innovations, and providing access to the people behind the water. 

Online Experiential Water Education

We provide interactive, engaging, experiential online water education programs - including state-of-the-art Certified Experience Products(R) - to elevate Water Citizens (people passionate about water) into Leaders and Innovators, focusing on courses in communications, leadership, and personal & leadership development.

Online Events (WebSummits) & Communities

Recognizing that the effective setting for people to learn and connect around water is when we're having FUN, WaterCitizen provides unique online events and programs to support water in film, music and the arts; water-related travel and recreation; and water-related self-care (putting the ZEN in WaterCitizen). This will include online events in our virtual water conference center, WaterSummit.Org.

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