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Water Leaders!

Discover "People Passionate About Water" (aka "WaterCitizens")
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Our Mission

The WaterCitizen Foundation is a 501(c)3 research & education nonprofit organization committed to supporting "People Passionate About Water" (aka WaterCitizens) from across the full "Water Psychographic(TM)" by providing Water News, Education & WaterTainment(TM) using virtual and in-person experiential programs & products designed to:  

  • Elevate the Water Dialogue
  • Build Water Leaders and
  • Make Water Discussions and Actions "Sexy" (i.e. inviting and engaging)
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Our Products and Programs

Virtual Water Leader(TM) Education & Events

We provide interactive, engaging, experiential virtual water education programs designed to empower WaterCitizens (including water professionals, activists and innovators) to develop their own virtual programs and event, including online and in-person marketing and enrollment, so they can connect with the people they most want to reach and deliver programs intended to solve water and environmental problems.

Online Water Media (News & "WaterTainment")

We cover the latest news and newsmakers for multimedia stories and interview programs that are created to be easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-consume online, presented in a high-energy, positive tone about the latest water innovations, , and providing access to the people behind the water. 

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