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AWWA ACE23 in Toronto

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With 1 out of 10 American Water Works Association coming from Canada, the 2023 AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition (AWWA ACE23) was held "North of the Border" in Toronto, Ontario - and The Water Show! was there! With 10,000 Attendees from 80 Countries and 1,000 Utilities, including 440 Premier Presenters, 450 Exhibitors and 6 Competitions, over this 4-Day Conference (June 11-14), this was "the place to be" for anyone involved in Water.

This year, we focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Innovation - including Underrepresented Founders in the Innovation Hub!

Check Out Our Interviews with Women Founders at the Innovation Hub - and Insights Into What Investors Are Looking For in Innovation

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Ellie Hudson-Heck, Ph.D. of Isle Utilities

As Host of the AWWA Innovation Hub, Isle Utilities provides opportunities for startups who are going to market - and would not otherwise be able to exhibit at AWWA - to connect with utilities and other potential customers at ACE. As one of the Regional "Technology Approval Group" or "TAG" Managers for Isle, Ellie introduces us to the Innovation Hub and how Isle Utilities brings tech startups and utility clients together to meet the specific needs of the water industry!


Denise Kay of Enspired Solutions

How do a couple really smart women turn their idea for a startup to destroy PFAS into a major federal contract with the Department of Defense? Densie Kay, CEO of Enspired Solutions, shares their journey, explains the market they see for PFAS destruction solutions and how they connect with utilities at AWWA.


Julie Bliss Mullen of Aclarity

Aclarity Founder Julie Bliss Mullen founded her company as a PhD student in 2017, and shares with us her journey through a series of incubators, including Xylem and Imagine H2O, which has connected her with many Water Industry leaders such as those at AWWA. This year, her company is focusing on one of the most pressing issues facing the industry: how to destroy PFAS forever and prevent PFAS from impacting our drinking water.


Lauren Roth Venue of 3R Water

Lauren Roth Venue brings to the Water Startup world over 20 years experience in integrated water resources management and green infrastructure design. Her 3R Stormwater App helps homeowners and utilities understand how much money they can save and how much rainwater can be captured at the household scale. This solution can also be used on a larger scale to show utilities and other water managers to look at the impact of the many different small stormwater and green infrastructure projects throughout their basin or service area. Here her story here!


Amy Marie Corriveau of Trinnex

Amy Marie Corriveau shares her journey to leadership of Trinnex, a digital solutions corporation that brings people and data together . We talk about the potential use of ChatGPT and other AI (artificial intelligence). As a corporate subsidiary of a leading consulting firm - CDM Smith, she didn't have to bootstrap or raise funds, unlike many startup founders. Leadership of a corporate-sponsored startup is another pathway for women startup leaders - allowing her to focus on building her team and her products, particularly while their launch was delayed by COVID. She shares her digital solutions - including AI to address the challenges of Lead Service Line Replacement. Her company is also supporting (with both visibility and funding) two women-focused charities - Women In Tech and Girls Who Code - supporting continued efforts to bring more women into technology and into the Water World!

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