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With our unique focus on "the Human Side of Water" WaterCitizen News was created BY and FOR water professionals, innovators and civic leaders - "people passionate about water" who want to make a difference.

Focusing on a different theme each month, we delve into the Experience of working and volunteering in the water space and ways to empower ourselves and each other in our work while also practicing self-care and leading balaned lives.

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  • Black Water Professionals & Community Leaders, Water Equity and Environmental Justice
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  • Water in Congress and How Water Citizens Serve as Advisors, Advocates and Activists
  • Water Innovators, Startups and Small Businesses
  • Asian and Arab Water Professionals and Communities
  • Second Careers and Valuing Experienced Water Leaders
  • Continuing Education and Rising Water Professional
  • Hispanic and Native American/Aboriginal Water Professionals, Communities, E.J. and Tribal Issues
  • Understanding Large Water Organizations & Navigating Your Career
  • Starting and Supporting Water Nonprofits
  • Water Professionals and Community Leaders and Art, Music, Travel and Spirituality
  • And New Topics As They Emerge!

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