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Todd Votteler On Why Water Professionals Need Dispute Resolution Skills

In this time of Peace On Earth, Goodwill Towards Men, we wanted to share "The Water Show!" Interview with Todd Votteler, Editor of the Texas Water Journal, a Special Master for an endangered species adjudication, and long time dispute resolution expert.

As a longtime employee of Water Authorities with training in Natural Resoures and Environmental Geography, Todd found himself frequently talking with members of the public and other agencies about disputes over water, and came to recognize the value of learning dispute resolution skills.

Dispute resolution training is not typically part of the background of water scientists and engineers, can be expensive and time-consuming to get, taking staff away from the office and day-to-day responsibilities.

In this interview, Todd shares:

  • how water managers and their employers can benefit from the development of dispute resolution skills for water managers,
  • the importance of understanding the need for water diplomacy not just on a national or international level, but at a very local level when working with your service area and stakeholders;
  • the upcoming opportunities to obtain these skills though an live virtual program Todd has been developing through the Virtual Water Education Lab; and
  • how you can participate in Todd's research on the dispute resolution experiences by water managers in his current survey interviews.

Enjoy The Water Show! interview with Todd Votteler from Collaborative Water Resolution LLC on Dispute Resolution for Water Managers!

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Posted December 22, 2021

Chuck Kile On How Groundwater Companies Can Attract Good Employees

In preparation for Groundwater Week 2021, Chuck Kile, Adapt Digital Solutions, talks with The Water Show! on growing up in his family's construction company and taking on the responsibilities for website development and online marketing for the company. As a member of the 2021 Cohort of the Virtual Water Education Lab, Chuck conducted face-to-face interviews with heads of groundwater companies who identified the challenge of getting and keepting staff as a top-of-mind challenge. As will be shared in his Groundwater Week Workshop, Chuck talks about some of the ways in which website design, online marketing and business practices help groundwater companies to attract and retain employees, including showing faces of women and people of color, and discussing the importance role groundwater professionals play in protecting the environment.

Posted December 13, 2021

Chuck Martz on Go-To-Market Strategies for Innovative Water Technologies

Show Notes Coming Soon!

Posted December 13, 2021

Colorado Justice Greg Hobbs, Water Law Expert & Poet (In Memorium)

In 2013, "The Water Show!" caught up with Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs, a published poet who loved water and loved Colorado. Greg passed away November 2021.

In this interview - captured in the hallways of the 2013 American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition, Greg shares his thoughts on the role of poetry, storytelling, and other arts in both understanding and communicating water-related concepts - and his advice on how water professionals can build their own skills as Water Poets! And, of course, he recites his favorite poem.

RIP Greg Hobbs!

Posted December 3, 2021

WEF President Lynn Broaddus and WEFTEC Exhibitors 2021

WaterCitizen covered the first major in-person expo in the water industry - the largest water utility event of the year, typically seeing about 20,000 attendees (with about 6,000 this year due to COVID). With many of the larger "anchor" utilities skipping the conference, this was a time for smaller companies to shine. Check out some of our favorite exhibits and fantastic interviews from the Exhibit Hall at WEFTEC21 including:
Water Environment Federation 2020-2021 President Lynn Broaddus
* Mahesh Lunani, 
* Benjamin Cairns, 
Tidal Vision
* Anthony Nelson 
2S Water
* Walid Khoury and 
Jennifer CisnerosBioMicrobics, Inc. - Better Water. Better World.®
* Craig Gloeckler and Vincent Fernandez, 
* Jim Huck, 
Industrial Flow Solutions
* Alec O'Keefe, 

WaterVent Founder Ulf Leonhard

In this interview with WaterVent Founder Ulf Leonhard, we talk about the origin of this event which brings together startups, investors, advisors and other member of the water innovation community; the transition to a virtual program; and the role of Ulf's wife Gabi, who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Posted September 10, 2021

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