Virtual Water Leader
Lab 3.0

Create, Validate, and Launch Your Virtual Water
Programs & Events in 10 Weeks or Less so You Can
>> Build Relationships, Trust & Authority
>> Build Revenue and Fiscal Responsibility
>> Build a More Sustainable World!


Water & Environmental Professionals,
Innovators and Civic Leaders!

Do you want to leverage the internet to create presentations, programs, and events that are more efficient, effective, inclusive, and empowering?

Do you want to know how to promote your virtual programs and presentations in a way that attracts your best audience and gets them excited to show up, ready to engage and take action?

Do you want your virtual programs to be part of a comprehensive strategy that positions you as a thought leader, produces a return on investment, and provides results for yourself, your community or organization, and society?

You're in the right place!
(Woo Hoo!)

Virtual Water Education Lab is the world’s FIRST AND ONLY program that empowers Water & Environmental Professionals, Innovators and Civic Leaders to create effective, high-engagement
Virtual Water Programs & Events
so they can transform lives, communities & the planet!

By the end of this program you will:

Understand your target audience - how they think & feel and what they want to learn about your topic - so your program will attract the people you most want to reach!

Learn the secrets of educating & engaging your virtual audience so you can create and deliver impactful programs that empower and produce results!

Design, market & launch your first virtual water program so you can begin educating, engaging and enrolling your best audience fast!

Why is WaterCitizen Academy #1?
Our Secret Formula!

To maximize your learning and retention, our "secret formula" for
high-engagement, results-driven virtual water programs and events is:

1/3 Content + 1/3 Coaching + 1/3 Community

Our Signature System

Water Education Program Generator

STEP ONE: SPECIFIC SCOPE Get clear on what you solve, who you serve, and where to find them

STEP TWO: RAPID RESEARCH Rapidly complete face-to-face surveys with your best audience

STEP THREE: DEDICATED DESIGN Design an audience-responsive program based on survey responses

STEP FOUR: VALIDATE & VERIFY Go back to your audience to find out whether you have "designed the right program" and "designed the program right"

STEP FIVE: TEST & TRACK Extend "beta launch" invitations so you develop and test your program with real learners whose progress you can track

STEP SIX: ONLINE OASIS Develop a safe space for your audience to learn and grow through your programs

Opening Doors With Conversations

As Chair of a State Water Environment Association Committee, Andrea was leading efforts to create a program for Operators on innovations in water & wastewater treatment - but her committee consisted mostly of engineers and utility managers.

"With the Virtual Water Leader Lab Surveys, we were able to hear from the Operators on what they wanted to learn - while also building relationships so we could invite more Operators to serve on our committees."

- Andrea, Water Environment Association Committee Chair (Phoenix, AZ)

As Conservation Director for a habitat organization, Greg built partnerships with agricultural landowners and municipal agencies to set aside land for habit benefits by hosting meetings that had been moved online.

"When we started asking the Virtual Water Leader Lab Survey questions, we were finally able to get people to open up, lean in, and talk with us online."

- Greg, Habitat Organization Conservation Director (Fort Collins, CO)

As the Director of a new University Water Center, Rio was asked to lead the development of a Virtual State of the Basin Symposium in a rural region of the state.

"When we used the Virtual Water Leader Lab Surveys, it really helped to have members of the community suggest topics and speakers - and some offered to sponsor our program before we even asked!"

- Rio, University Water Center Director (Alamosa, CO)

Virtual Program: 2021 Rio Grande State of the Basin Symposium

What's Included In Your Program

1) Six (6) Live Get-Into-Action Trainings

  • Learn what to do & how to do it and get your questions answered during our Live Get-Into-Action Trainings that walk you through the Six Essential Steps of our Virtual Water Program Generator!

    Based on a proven process that has been used to produce thousands of programs, launching online coaching and consulting businesses, building relationships, revenue, and results!
  • Time: 1.5 hours/week

2) Time-Saving Templates, Fill-In-The-Blank Guides, Demo Videos & Rapid Access Recordings

  • We know your time is valuable - which is why we have developed a streamlined process where you can fill in the blanks as we go - on the calls or on your own time
  • All session recordings will be posted to our WaterCitizen Academy Learning Management System within hours so you can catch anything you missed!
  • Est. time: 30 min/week

3) 24-7 Access to Water Leader Impact Lab Private Discussion Group

  • 24-7 access to a private group where you can post and get reviews of your work and ask questions with rapid response by DrCat and the WaterCitizen Team
  • Benefit as well from the wisdom, insights & support of other members of your Cohort and past Grads - all amazing water & environmental professionals and civic leaders who are committed to building a more sustainable world!
  • Est. Time: That's up to you!

4) Graduate Certificate and Seal

  • FOR YOU: Graduates receive the Certificate to show you have mastered these advanced online engagement methods
  • FOR YOUR PROGRAM: The WaterCitizen Academy Seal lets others know that this will be a high-engagement, results-driven program!

Empowering the Water Community!

As President/CEO of a major environmental consulting firm that provided Water Asset Management services to large utilities, Rizwan wanted to be able to serve small, rural, and economically disadvantaged communities that also needed these services - and were eligible for funding but didn't have the resources to access these funds.

"In the Virtual Water Leader Lab, we were able to create a leveraged program we could provide that would be affordable for underserved utilities and still produce great results - with possible funding for followup work."

- Rizwan, President/CEO EBA Engineering (Laurel, MD)

Virtual Program:
Water Asset Management 101

Zhuping wanted to begin his own practice after decades of experience with water districts and universities. He saw that many water districts had filed state-mandated drought plans but did not have the resources to implement those plans.

"During the Virtual Water Leader Lab, I learned an innovative approach for carrying out market research, developing an online program and launching a program that is opening another door for me to serve our community in need and help them build resilient water systems. I also enjoyed exchanging and sharing among all the cohort members!"

- Zhuping, Principal, Sheng Engineering (El Paso, TX)

Virtual Program:
Beyond The Drought Plan

As a technical expert who became a Special Master and water dispute resolution efforts, Todd knows how critical it is for water and environmental engineers and scientists like himself to be able to work with the public and other parties during water conflicts - but often can't get to trainings.

"Municipal water districts of various kinds are operaging on a shoestring budget, getting money from fees or taxes, and we all know what happens then they go for a rate increase, so it is hard to have access to this sort of training, especially if it involves traveling someplace. With the Virtual Water Leader Lab, I am creating a program that responds to what they really need so I can deliver a program to them that will support them."

- Todd, Water Dispute Resolution Expert (Austin, TX)

We Are Committed To Your Success!

To ensure your success in the program, we have added THREE (3) BONUSES!

Bonus #1:

Powerful Transformational Facilitated Peer Support Sessions That Bring You A New Sense of Direction, Clarity and Commitment in Completing Your Program


(3 Sessions)

Accelerating Innovation & Innovators!

A Former Fortune 500 Marketing Leader, Chuck has developed services for Water & Wastewater Treatment Tech Startups to develop robust go-to-market strategies.

- Chuck, Principal and Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Arch Development LLC (Cincinnati, OH)

A leading well equipment service company business owner with more than 30 years experience as a trainer on innovations in groundwater wells, Tom gained new perspectives during the Lab.

"The Virtual Water Leader Lab helped me think outside the box and I was also able to learn new things and meet new people in the industry. This experience has helped me grow personally and has benefited my company."

- Tom, Secretary Treasurer, Colorado Water Well (Denver, CO)

Having worked in his family's construction business, geologist Charles wanted to support small groundwater businesses. Although he started with website design and marketing, the Virtual Water Leader Lab Surveys revealed that the top issues companies faced was in recruiting & retention, pricing and business systems, so he pivoted his offers!

- Charles, Marketing Director, Adapt Digital Solutions (Coeur d'Alene, ID)

Bonus #2:
Bosses, Boards & Backers Business Case Developement

Whose approval and/or funding do you need in order for your program to succeed?

Those of us who work on water, the environment, sustainability and resiliency know that we are part of a larger system - and often, there are others whose "buy-in" we need to go forward.

Learn how to gain backing and buy-in from those critical supporters - and walk away with your own Business Case!

Making a Difference!

A water logistics expert with a passion for gardening, Frank had thousands of hours of experience as a trainer for MasterGardeners and landscapers - especially on how to adapt to climate change.

"I’ve realized that one-hour pops that I’ve been giving to the public is not really enough to develop climate gardening professionals. Through the Virtual Water Leader Lab, I’ve been developing a program on what climate change really means to you, how to assess what can go wrong in your own space, and what you can do about it. Real stuff that real people can do in their own yard!"

- Frank, Founder, ClimateSmart(TM) Gardens (Stafford, VA)

When John's school in rural Uganda was closed by the Pandemic, he led the development of a Fish Farm for his village to provide revenue and high protein food for his community.

"With help from the Virtual Water Leader Lab, we're now creating a program to teach others how to build their own Fish Farms while bringing much needed funds to our village!"

- John, Teacher and Fish Farm Founder (Katwadde, Uganda)

As a Civil Engineer from Puerto Rico, Diana was familiar with "white elephant" projects - water projects installed by charity organizations in underserved communities that were not locally sustainable. In the Virtual Water Leader Lab, she interviewed local organizations in more than 40 countries and underserved communities!

"We had our first pilot of the Virtual Roundtable Series on "How to Build Sustainable WASH Approaches in Underserved Communities." The learning experience up to this point has been unbelievable but listening to our participants is at an even higher level!"

- Diana, Engineer and Hydrophilathropy Expert (San Francisco, CA)

Virtual Program: How to Build Sustainable WASH Approaches in Underserved Communities

Water & Environmental Leader Lab (W.E.L.L.)
3-Day Immersive Virtual Event!

You won't want to miss this hands-on 3-day immersive virtual event where you will

  • Drill Deep Into Your Signature Service or Product and how you can best serve your ideal audience - or multiple audiences!
  • Discover the Pillars of Water & Environmental Leadership which include educating, presenting, building coalitions, and influencing policy decisions - skills that can be developed & applied virtually and in person!
  • Gain Clarity On Your Personal, Professional, and Organizational Goals and how you can become an impactful virtual speaker, educator, influencer and thought leader in your many roles!
  • Walk Away WIth Your Own Tailored Strategic Plan to position yourself and your organization as the go-to experts so you can have a greater impact on society & the planet!

The Virtual Water Education Lab 3.0
Kicks Off Spring 2022

Our Graduates Come From A Range Of Organizations Working in Water, The Environment, Sustainability & Resiliency

  • Executives And Managers and Other Staff with Water/Wastewater Utilities, Water Districts, Irrigation Districts, Flood Management Districts, and similar organizations
  • Nonprofit, Community-Based Organization, and Association Leaders for whom educational programs & events both provide revenue & fulfill organizational missions
  • Government Agencies, Legislative Offices, Organizations engaged in advocacy, policy advising, and policy leadership - including diversity, equity, inclusion, and environmental justice
  • Water Equipment Companies, Consulting Firms and Corporations Committed to Sustainability, including both large established companies and small startups
  • Independent Consultants, Contractors, and WaterPreneurs
  • Researchers, Educators & Academics at Schools, Universities, Labs, Institutes, Think Tanks
  • Investors, Investment Managers & Financial Managers supporting WaterPreneurs or Sustainable Investments

Who is this program for?

This program is FOR Water Leaders who:

  • have a message or knowledge to share with a specific audience and recognize the importance of education to achieve collaborative goals
  • are committed to providing value and creating results for themselves, their organizations, and especially for their program participants
  • Have a larger mission or end goal that involves building relationships - whether you're seeking buyers or buy-in - to support a vision for a more sustainable world!

Who this program is NOT for?

This program is NOT for:

  • those who just want to make a quick sale online and not deliver on their program
  • those who think education is "blasting" content to as many "eyeballs" as possible
  • or those who just post "canned courses" online without engagement & implementation support

In Summary, You Will Receive:

  • Six (6) Live Weekly "Get Into Action" Training Sessions (Value: $1997)
  • Rapid Access to Recordings PLUS Templates, Guides, and Demo Videos (Value $1997)
  • 24-7 Access to Private Membership Group (Value $997)
  • WaterCitizen Academy Certificate and Seal (Value $997)
  • BONUS #1 Three (3) Facilitated "Masterminds" with Your Cohort (Value $1997)
  • BONUS #2 Bosses, Boards & Backers Strategy Session (Value $997)
  • BONUS #3 Two (2) Tickets to the Water & Environmental Leader Lab (W.E.L.L.)
    Immersive Virtual Experience (Value $1997)

Total Value: $10,979.00

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Classes Begin March 2022

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  • BONUS Individual Scoping Session with DrCat prior to the start of the trainings where you can get crystal clear on your best topic, target audience, and program format for you and your organization or initiative so you pick the RIGHT Lab Project to focus on!

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The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our program. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the program, then please let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will provide you with a refund.


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