WaterCitizen Academy's

Virtual Water Education Laboratory

Create, Validate, and Launch Your Virtual Water Education Programs & Events To Generate Revenue, Build Collaboration, And Create A Better World!


Virtual Water Education Laboratory is the world’s FIRST AND ONLY program that empowers Water Leaders to create
high-engagement, results-driven, student-focused
Virtual Water Education Programs & Events
so they can transform lives, communities & the planet!

A few questions for you ...

Do you want to share your water knowledge and expertise on the internet, change other people’s lives, and build a reliable revenue stream (direct or indirect) for yourself or your organization?

Do you want to be able to select, setup and master affordable and easy-to-use platforms so that you and your students or participants can focus on learning and not on technology?

Do you want to know how to market your educational program in a way that gets students or attendees EXCITED to register (and even pay!), show up and engage, and implement what you're teaching - and be as excited about learning as they would be about a video game?

You're in the right place!
(Woo Hoo!)

Your Mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to create, validate, and launch* your Virtual Water Education Program or Event in 10 weeks or less !

* "Launching" includes presenting your program for approval and/or funding from bosses, boards and/or backers!

By the end of this program you will:

Have your first course or educational program ready for student, staff or attendee registration or internal approval - and you may even have started your "beta" program!

Have your engagement-maximizing membership area and course content area fully setup!

Have created your online marketing, sales, and onboarding funnel that gets students, staff or participants excited to learn before you even start your program!

About WaterCitizen

Since 2010, WaterCitizen Media has been producing educational news and "WaterTainment(TM)" content (WaterCitizenNews.Com, The Water Show!) as well as educational programs in a wide variety of formats (including courses, summits, masterminds, and memberships). The

WaterCitizen Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit dedicated to producing high-engagement water education online and teaching Water Leaders the Secrets of the one billion dollar a day online education industry! We have worked with and learned from dozens of the pioneers, innovators and leaders of this online education industry - specifically those companies that not only sell online education, but are among the top 3% who are getting the very best rates of completion and student success - where students are actually reaching "mission accomplished" and fulfiling "the promise of the program!" We use - and teach - the most advanced online education-based marketing and delivery methods to find, attract, and draw in those students or participants who most want what you have to offer - and are excited to enroll, pay, and show up ready to learn, engage, and get results!

Meet Dr. Cat

Dr. Cat Shrier founded WaterCitizen in 2010 and has spent 30 years creating Transformational Water Education Programs that have led to more widespread adoption of Integrated Water-Energy Planning & Management, Aquifer Storage Recovery, Water Reuse, Collaborative Water Planning and Management, and other innovative water management approaches, with clients including National Research Council, US Department of Energy, Groundwater Protection Council, American Water Works Association, North Carolina Division of Water Resources, Colorado Water Conservation Board, City of Phoenix, Suncor, Shell, PetroCanada, Alberta Environment, Alberta Water Institute, DC Water Resources Research Institute, and many more!

In addition to developing several virtual programs and events for WaterCitizen, Dr. Cat has worked behind the scenes as "the WebTribe Gudie (TM)" ("turn your list into a tribe and get aligned online") for multimilion dollar coaching companies and an alternative healing center in Costa Rica. With a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering/Water Resources Planning & Management - completing her doctoral research on the development of knowledge-based multicriteria decision analysis systems - she recognizes how the methods and platforms and "funnel" online marketing and product delivery strategies can be developed and applied to water challenges.

The WaterCitizen Approach

To maximize learning and retention and build collaboration and transformation through education, our "formula" for virtual water education is:

1/3 Content + 1/3 Coaching + 1/3 Community

Virtual Water Education Laboratory

Our programs are designed to maximize flexibility for busy water professionals with TWO TRACKS:

  • CORE TRACK: A streamlined program with all the essential content and support you need to get you to to "mission accomplished"
  • OVERACHIEVER TRACK: Additional content and support for students who want to create more complex programs or achieve a higher level of mastery of the material.

Our "Core Track" Program

1) Short, focused videos that walk you through each of the five critical steps to creating, launching, and delivering high-impact, high-engagement, results-driven virtual water education programs. You will be provided with with specific action steps for you to take each week (supported by guides and templates!). "Catch-up" weeks will be included over the US Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's weeks.
Est. time: less than one hour total per week

2) Weekly live review & facilitated "workshop" sessions where we have a QUICK review of the concepts & action steps for that week with ample time for you to ask questions & get feedback on your work! These sessions will be recorded on Zoom and posted immediately WITH TIMESTAMPS OF QUESTIONS so you can review them later - with two sections available each week to fit your schedule & timezone! Bonus Q&A Sessions will be provided during "catch-up" weeks!
Est. Time: 1-2 hours/week

3) 24-7 Access to the Virtual Water Education Laboratory Private Membership Group where can connect with your cohort (this is a TEAM-BASED APPROACH). This is where you will post your homework for feedback from the WaterCitizen Team and from other students (other amazing Water Leaders like yourself) on your content and marketing and to support you in finding students, funding, and collaboration partners! Est. Time: That's up to you!

4) Personal "Lab Report" where you can post completion of the key milestones you'll need to reach your Goal all in one place, and keep private materials you don't want to share with the group. You have the option of "tagging" Dr. Cat for review as you complete each step, or to let us know if you go back and change anything along the way and want additional feedback. Est. Time: That's up to you!

PLUS Our "Overachiever Track" Program
for Additional Support

4) BONUS Weekly "Office Hours" and Virtual Water Education Special Topics Library with additional videos created and special guests invited in to provide supplemental content created as requested by you and your fellow Water Leader students to cover additional topics for those who want to take a "deeper dive" into online marketing and online education!

5) BONUS: Bosses, Boards, Backers & Betas

In this program, we show you how, within 30 days of the program (before the end of the money-back guarantee), you will have enough information to be able to go to bosses, boards, and backers to request coverage of the Virtual Water Education Laboratory registration fee - or to pre-sell your program to betatesters for paid programs!

6) BONUS: Two (2) VIP tickets to a Virtual Event & Graduation

At this event, we will review your program (with an opportunity to present your work!) and learn to build upon your initial program to build your own company or support your organization; create an educational product funnel that will further automate your marketing, sales, and delivery so you can offer your program over and over; and create sustainable revenue.

7) WaterCitizen Academy Certificate and Seal

Upon completion of this program you will receive:

  • a WaterCitizen Academy Certificate for you (letting others know of your knowledge and applied skills in Advanced Virtual Water Education Methods) PLUS
  • a WaterCitizen Academy Seal for your program (so students, staff and participants know you are offering a high-impact, high-engagement, results-driven, student focused program)!

Who is this program for?

This program is FOR Water Leaders who:
* have a message or knowledge to share with their community, clients, or constituents and
* are committed to creating results for themselves, their organizations, and especially for their students, staff, or participants.

Who this program is NOT for?

This program is NOT for:
* those who just want to make a quick sale online and not deliver on their program
* those who think education is "blasting" messages to as many "eyeballs" as possible
* or those who just post informational content without engagement & implementation support to maximize results

Our Program Includes:

  • Executives And Managers and Other Staff with Water/Wastewater Utilities, Water Districts, Irrigation Districts, Flood Management Districts, and similar organizations
  • Nonprofit, Community-Based Organization, and Association Leaders for whom educational programs & events both provide revenue & fulfill organizational missions
  • Government Agencies, Legislative Offices and organizations engaged in advocacy or policy leadership
  • Water Equipment Companies, Consulting Firms and Corporations Committed to Sustainability
  • Independent Consultants, Contractors, and WaterPreneurs
  • Researchers, Educators, and Academics at Schools, Universities, Labs, Institutes and Think Tanks
  • Investors, Investment Managers & Financial Managers supporting WaterPreneurs or Sustainable Investments

In Summary, You Will Receive:

  • Eight (8) Modules of concise videos (with templates/guides) over 10 weeks - starting NOVEMBER 1 - with "catch-up" weeks over American Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Weeks
  • Live Review and Q&A Sessions on Zoom with Dr. Cat Shrier offered in two sections per week with recordings posted for review with summary and timestamps
  • Access to the Private Membership Group to meet your Virtual Water Education Laboratory Team & Cohort
  • BONUS: How To Get Bosses, Boards, Backers & Betatesters to Pay For Your Program
  • BONUS: Additional "Office Hours" and Supplemental Videos and Interviews with Guest Experts On Participant-Requested Topics
  • BONUS: Personal "Lab Report" Document to Track Your Progress & Milestones
  • BONUS: Two (2) VIP Tickets to Graduation Weekend Event
  • BONUS: WaterCitizen Academy Virtual Water Education Laboratory Graduation Certificate and the WaterCitizen Academy Seal for your program
  • BONUS: Opportunity to bring team members working on the same project to live calls with Dr. Cat and live tech/online marketing office hours with Steve
  • BONUS: Continued access to all materials, WaterCitizen Team & Cohort for a full year!
  • BONUS: Opportunity to re-enroll in future offerings of the Virtual Water Education Laboratory at 50% off for the life of the program

6 payments of


one time payment of


The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our program. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the program, then please let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will provide you with a refund.

BETA SPECIAL! (March 2021 Only!)

As a Beta Member, you get everything included with the full-price program PLUS

  • Lifetime access to program with free re-enrollment for future cohorts!
  • All those who complete the Beta (with their programs) will be FEATURED in a WaterCitizen Media Special Event PLUS conference papers & other promotions!
  • BONUS: The First TEN (10) Students to register will receive an additional One-On-One "Scoping Session" with Dr. Cat to get clear on what your program is (topic, format), who it serves, and what outcomes you will produce for your students/participants and yourself/your organization (the essential first step of the program!)

Beta Registration Ends
Thurs. March 11, 2021 at 11:59pm PT!



1 payment of


The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our program. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the program, then please let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will provide you with a refund.