What is the Water Psychographic?

Demographics explain “who” is interested, while psychographics explain “why” they are interested.

So the "Water Psychographic" describes people who think and care about water.

People like you! 

And we serve the FULL "Water Psychographic", INCLUDING: 

* People who are "Water Enthusiasts" or "Water Conscious Consumers/Investors" - water-aware citizens who just want to know more about water for their own health and recreation, and for their home, their families, and their communities - and have fun at the same time!  

* People who are Active Water Volunteers and Civic Leaders (e.g. Board Members, Volunteer Members of Watershed Groups, Charities and Advocacy Organizations) - not paid to work on water issues and possibly without a lot of academic and professional experience in water, but want to know more and make a difference! 

* Water Professionals (whether they work in the Water Sector or in other industries) - regardless of academic discipline - we recognize that there are many options for water professionals to access industry news and technical training, but we focus on personal & leadership development, serving the "Whole Human."

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