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“[Water Citizen News] offers a broad perspective on water, new ways of thinking about and talking about water. I found the Rainbird movie contest review very useful and interesting: we are working on a groundwater video for Maine, as a drinking water information/protection piece. The Rainbird link went to the team working on our local video. [Water is important to me because] I work with it, I play in it, and drink it. I work with public water systems to help them protect their drinking water sources. [Water Citizen News provides] good perspective and fodder for outreach work.”  

Andy Tolman Assistant Director, Maine CDC Drinking Water Program Augusta, ME

“Water is important to me because I am a professional community designer and, like others, depend upon clean water for personal survival. [Water Citizen News] provides a new and broader perspective. I have particularly appreciated WaterCitizen's summaries and linkages to water/energy nexus information sources. I would recommend Water Citizen News to all of my professional planning and engineering friends to help them expand their knowledge of the interaction between infrastructure components of a community, and how that interaction augments or diminishes the community's long-term chances for sustainability. The global perspective provided by WaterCitizen can help us all understand the true meaning of the term "comprehensive" much better.”  

Bert Weaver Director at Clear Creek County Community Development Georgetown, CO  

“The theme of Water Citizen is we are all Citizens of the same world of water, one world beyond politics and borders. If WaterCitizen can help bring this very point to citizens of this world, we might be better able to respond to water reality…that is water is not a problem, it is what people do to it that needs more thought. I have forwarded WaterCitizen to others to help spread the great new option to bad news polarized by forces of special interest causing fear and anger. The more I study water, the more I want to know, I am a water geek. All my work and hobby is water, from permaculture on my 8 acres, to the job I do as a Plumber to earn money so I can learn more about water. I recommend WaterCitizen News to everyone who wants a clean healthy future. People need to know facts that affect regional water issues in order to vote on the issues when they arise.” 

Greg Chick LEED GA, Ramona's Plumber Web based Plumbing Consultant DIYPlumbingadvice.com

“[I read Water Citizen News] to keep current on water policy and read the different stories related to water. The Jeffery Sachs article about water and conflict is probably my favorite article. I am very interested in how resources and the environment affect people and policy. This article provides insight into these issues. [Water is important to me because] I drink water, I live on an island, I work outside, I surf and ski. I interact with water on a daily basis and it affects nearly everything I do. Water Citizen News is a great source of information regarding water. The website is easily navigable and the articles are pertinent and informative.” 

Jim Brown Waiter/Landscaper Ship Bottom, NJ

“[I first read Water Citizen News because of] “your goal of providing water related information for the citizen and easy to read and digest. We have a disruptive device that will clean the dirtiest of dirty water - [our goal is] bringing clean water to 3rd world countries eventually! We recommend Water Citizen News because of your in depth knowledge of the area and we know your work will be objective and well researched.” 

Karen D. Sorber CEO, Micronic Technologies Herndon, VA

“I first visited WaterCitizen.com because new water technology is important to my law practice and Water Citizen is a reliable source of water-related business and scientific information. I will come back because Water Citizen reminds me of the importance of clean water to so many people and makes me feel good about my involvement in finding water solutions.  

Clifton E. McCann, Esq. Partner, Thompson Hine LLP Washington, DC

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