Our Team

We are proud to have assembled an amazing team of staff and board members and advisers!

Dr. Cat Shrier, CEO and Board Chair

Dr. Cat is the Founder of the WaterCitizen Education Foundation, Publisher/Editor of WaterCitizenNews.Com, Producer/Host of "The Water Show!" and has provided live coverage of water-related conferences, briefings, and events as the "Water Mobile Journalist" ("Be in the know with the Wawa MoJo"). With over 25 years of experience in water resources planning and policy, working with agencies, consulting firms, private industr, and university resarch institutes, Dr. Cat holds degrees in government, geology, environmental management and policy, water resources engineering and planning, and multimedia journalism - plus additional training in experiential learning model workshop development and facilitation, mastermind facilitation, and neurolinguistic programming. View her LinkedIn

Vanessa St. Amand

Vanessa is an experience copywriter with a demostrated history of working in the internet industry. She lives in Orlando, Floriday. View her LinkedIn.

Valerie Jennings

Valerie is a strategic planner and consultant. She is co-founder of The Online Business Gurus, where she works with entrepreneur and high level coaches how to build nd manage teams, systems and marketing. She lives in Laredo, Texas. View her LinkedIn

Jessica Stephens, MPH

Jessica recently joined the WaterCitizen Team to work on the Keys to Water in Congress FREE Webummit and WaterCItizn Foundation website. Jessica is public health practitioner with a passion for water as it impacts human health. She has a Masters' in Epidemiology from Emory University where she obtained a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Certificate. She recently returned to Washington, DC, after completing a Fellowship in Malawi. View her LinkedIn.

Our Board & Advisers 

We are fortunate to have attracted Board Members and Advisers who cover a wide ranges of areas of expertise and experience covering everything from water organization and association leadership to online education and media.

Sean Osborne PE Board Secretary 

Sean is Principal at OSD, a veteran and minority owned civil engineering consulting firm with a focus on community resiliency planning, infrastructure asset management and operator training. Sean's involvement in the water community spans organizations such as Safe Drinking Water Act Advisory Committee, Safe Drinking Water Act Assessment Committee, American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Water Environment Federation (WEF), where he has focused on the diversity space and training. Sean lives in Massachusetts. View his LinkedIn

John Moynier PE Board Treasurer 

John is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) and Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) with over 30 years of experience in the water resources, floodplain management and environmental planning fields. John serves on the Board of Directors of the Floodplain Management Association (FMA) and as Water Resources Chair for the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP), and participates on a variety of committees with other industry associations. John lives in Santa Ana, California. View his LinkedIn

Michael Liquori, Board Adviser

Michael has more than 25 years of experience in environmental sciences and is the founder of a natural resources management consultancy, Sound Watershed. Michael is also a leadership development coach whose company, Symbeosis, is working to empower more humanity in the workplace and support leadership for environmental and social impact. Michael lives in Alameda, California. View his LinkedIn

Rita Schmidt Sudman, Board Adviser

Rita is the founding Executive Director of Water Education Foundation, a model for WaterCitizen in California. Rita has also served on the President’s Advisory Commission on Water for the University of California and on other boards including Water for People. She is a writer and producer and lives in Sacramento, California. View her LinkedIn

Randall Thompson Board Adviser

Randall has a diverse background in real estate, online media and business development. Randall is CEO & President of Niro Corp, a design and manufacturing business that builds water generators that produce environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing water for industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. As a CFO, CEO and VP, Randall has led multiple companies in multimillion dollar revenue growth and acquisitions and spent nearly 10 years on the Congressional Small Business Committee where he was awarded a Congressional Medal of Distinction. Randall Thompson is a startup, rollup and transition champion for Middle Market Business Owners. Randall is from the Great Lakes Region. View his LinkedIn.

Michael Bowman Board Adviser

Michael is an Eastern Colorado native who grew up in farming family and leads a career to preserve this agricultural way of life. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met Michael at the Big Horn Leadership Institute in 2004, the theme of the year focused on sustainability. Michael has since worked in Colorado and DC on issues such as renewable energy and carbon sequestration on agriculture lands and industrial hemp. Michael lives in Denver, Colorado. View his LinkedIn

Doug Humphrey Board Adviser

Doug is a Serial Entrepreneur, with successes founding organizations such as CORE Location LLC and Digex Inc. Doug met WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, at an "Angels" venture forum training program for future angels (venture capitalists) and entrepreneurs that want to promote to them. Doug moved to DC to work on the Jobs Act and is an advisor at the at University of Maryland as an Entrepreneur in Residence. View his bio.  

Clifton McCann Board Adviser 

Clifton is an Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney who works in, among other IP, water technology patents. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met Clifton through the Water Innovations Alliance Foundation. Clifton lives in Maryland and works in Washington, DC. View his LinkedIn

Adam Zuckerman Board Adviser

Adam is an Entrepreneur, Eisenhower Fellow, enterprise and emerging tech/innovation specialist, professor, & keynote speaker. Adam is a former innovation lead and VC at Discovery, founder of Fosterly, co-founder of Variable Labs, hedge fund and CPG background, and active supporter of the innovation economy. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met at entrepreneur networking night (Night Owls) in DC. Adam lives in Washington, DC. View his LinkedIn

Christian Bartley Board Adviser

Christian is the Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Operations with Tadano America Corporation and an Adivosr for Economic Diplomacy for Belgium. Christian is a seasoned global business strategist with focus areas of international growth, management and marketing. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met Christian in Milwaukee as an incubator accelerator for startups in the water space. Christian brings his specialties in taking diamonds in the rough and polishing, building teams and marshaling resources towards common goal to WaterCitizen. Christian lives in Houston, Texas. View his LinkedIn

Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza, Board Adviser

Ronnie is the CEO of Plant-Based Network, where he is focused on improving people's health and creating a more sustainable planet. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met Ronnie through Joint Ventures Insiders Circle (JVIC) community of coaches, authors and speakers, where they found they had complementary attributes to harness. Ronnie lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. View his LinkedIn.

Justin Livingston Board Adviser

Justin is a trainer and coach, known in the Transformation Industry when it comes to all aspects of designing, delivering, and filling workshops, retreats, seminars and programs. His behind the scenes impact on online launches in the Transformation Industry have resulted in more than $10 million in sales in the past 12 months. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met Justin through coaching trainings. Justin lives in BC, Canada. View his website

Amy Dupire Jones, Board Adviser

Amy is an experienced ESL/EFL and international communications trainer with Master's level specialization in accent modification and expertise online education. She and her husband Phil were students wih WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, at Colorado State University. Amy lives in Mississippi. View her Linkedin  

Cecilia McCloy, Board Adviser

Cecelia is CEO and co-founder of Integrated Science Solutions Inc. (ISSi), a certified woman-owned science and engineering firm. Ms. Cecelia McCloy has a Masters' Degree in Geology from Stanford University and has spent the last 25 years managing engineering and applied science programs. She has managed projects from $2M-$40M in size for a variety of customers including NASA, EPA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, DOE, DOD, and private clients. Cecilia is a member of Women Impacting Public Policy and lives in California. View her IISSi bio

Silvia Mah, Board Adviser

Silvia is a founding partners at Ad Astra Ventures, a venture group and early stage micro-fund that aims to transform female founders into fierce leaders of disruptive startup companies; an Investment Committee member of Next Wave Impact, a global social impact fund; Executive Director of Hera Labs, a business accelerator for women-owned small businesses; founding member of Hera Angels, an early stage female angel group; an angel investor in female-focused endeavors; and UCSD Student Programs Diversity Director. Silvia has a passion for start-ups, business strategy & market analysis which allows for impacting the launch, growth, and sustainability of businesses/startups that she brings to WaterCitizens. Silvia lives in San Diego, California. View her LinkedIn

Joshua Johnson, Board Adviser

Joshua spent nearly 20 years working for the United States Congress, having served in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate in senior level staff positions, including the Staff Director of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Water and Power. Joshua is the Vice President for Washington Operations at Logistic Specialties, Inc, where he has brought his leadership and administrative expertise to advise public and private entities on the Defense industrial base, transatlantic issues, acquisition and economic growth strategies, coalition development, energy development and procurement. Joshua brings technical and managerial experiences positioning in the U.S. Government in water and power de-federalization, water recycling, Indian water right settlements, and rural water drinking systems to WaterCitizen. Joshua lives in Washington, DC. View his LinkedIn

Christopher Lindsay, Board Adviser

Christopher is the Director of Government Relations for International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Group. Christopher has a background as special assistant in the White House and as a nonprofit board member. Christopher lives in Washington, DC. View his LinkedIn

Dave Wegner, Board Adviser

Dave is an engineer and biologist with a history in environmental and governmental services. Dave's water accomplishments include developing a private consulting business, Ecosystems Management International, and acting as Staff Director for the Water and Power Subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives. As Senior Democratic Staff for the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, he also serves water programs at the EPA, portions of the National Resources Conservation Services watershed programs, tribal water issues, and climate related water issue. Dave lives in Tuscan, Arizona. View his LinkedIn

Ian Fisk, Board Adviser

Ian has a lifetime of experience to help others support social entrepreneur. Ian is a founding board member and Executive Director of Mentor Capital Network. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier, met Ian through Mentor Capital Network, one of the first places that the idea for WaterCitizen was pitched. Ian lives in Washington, DC. View his LinkedIn

Steve Olsher, Board Adviser

Steve is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine. Steve is also known as a NY Times bestselling author, keynote speaker (for events like TEDx), original founder of Liquor.com, creator of The New Media Summit. As host of Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures podcasts, Steve is known as the Howard Stern of personal development, and imparts entrepreneurial and coaching influence for WaterCitizen. WaterCitizen CEO, Dr. Cat Shrier met Steve at through Board Advisor Ronnie's live coaching event. Steve lives in San Diego, California. View his LinkedIn

Twyla Hutchinson, Board Adviser

A passionate water educator, Twyla is an instructor and curriculum designer for integrated water management at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), currently focused on developing graduates at SAIT that can break down the silos in water by learning from real life situations. Twyla was previously a Water Resources Engineer with Infrastructure Planning at the City of Calgary, where she developed a program to integrate climate adaptation into Calgary's Water utility decision making. Twyla lives in Alberta, Canada. View her LinkedIn.  

Morgana Rae, Board Adviser

MORGANA RAE is a ten-time international #1 best selling author with over 24 years as a pioneer in personal development. She is widely regarded to be the world’s leading expert on establishing a healthy and ethical relationship with money that serves Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy. A frequent guest expert on ABC, NBC, FOX News, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal and hundreds more, Morgana guides entrepreneurs, innovators, healers and humanitarians to make more money and more impact, to save the world as only they can. On a personal note, Morgana is 25 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries... to the same man. View her LinkedIn.  

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